Improved Communication / Transparency

City Council has helped improve communications & transparency in several ways, as explained in the other sections on this page. I want to improve these even more, ensuring that citizens have adequate notice of matters that come before Council, so they have adequate notice to share their ideas with Council members before the meeting if they aren’t able to attend the meeting to speak.

At the Council meeting on July 7, 2009, I requested that most of the non-confidential items in Council’s weekly packets be posted online (e.g., the “City Council Meeting Follow-up Items” spreadsheet).

Council now provides additional opportunities for citizens to share their ideas and concerns. During late Spring and Summer, Council hosts several “Meet and Greet” sessions in neighborhoods throughout the City, during which citizens can talk with Council members and representatives of various services that the City provides. We also host Coffee with Council several times during the year to give citizens the opportunity to share ideas and concerns with 2 Council members in a relaxed setting.

As always, I invite you to share your ideas & concerns (by phone, by e-mail, by letter, or face-to-face).

Financial Reports

Since July 2008, the City has posted the monthly & end-of-year financial reports on the website (in addition to making them available in print at the City Center & Bemis Library).

At the Council meeting on July 7, 2009, I asked that Council consider posting the budget as a searchable database & all non-confidential financial transactions online. Council did not support my request.

Television & Internet

All regular & study sessions of the City Council & the Planning Commission, & regular meetings of the Licensing Authority are now televised live on Channel 8.

Televised sessions are also streamed live on the City’s website, and they are rebroadcast on Channel 8.

The video-streamed sessions are also typically available online within 48 hours after the meeting & can therefore be viewed at any time that is convenient to the viewer.

The video-streamed versions replace the DVD & VHS versions of the meetings, saving considerable library shelf space – & because the library staff no longer has to spend time cataloguing DVD & VHS versions of meetings, they can devote more time to other duties.

The City is again producing news & features about Littleton for Channel 8.

The City now makes all non-confidential documents used in Council meetings available to the public on the Internet (in addition to making them available at the City Center & Bemis Library on the Friday before the meeting).